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Five Friday Feminist Finds and Fun


I've been posting infrequently and erratically, it seems, probably due to the little person who has recently taken over most of our free time.

But, I thought this would be a fun way to get back into the swing of sharing a little bit more on the inter-webs. So here you go.

Whether you would unashamedly describe yourself as a "feminist," or no, whether male or female, East Coast, West Coast, or international community, I hope you enjoy this list of 5 things that have been making my female heart happy and my lady brain think new thoughts.

1. Soy Yo (Bomba Eséreo)

One little girl takes on the world with her hair style, recorder, dance moves, and B-ball skillz, as the music states in the background “I am me.” This should be an anthem for girlhood everywhere.

2. Wonder Woman

If you haven’t already, please stop what you are doing and go see this movie! It dispels the myth that a woman of strength, action and compassion would somehow diminish the value of the men around her. Feminists unite! Finally we have a mainstream media portrayal of a woman whose strength calls out the best in other people, whose life force is not rooted in sensuality but in her whole personhood, a woman who kicks ass better than the best of them because her heart is large and tender enough to see what needs to be done. I hope that someday I have a daughter so that I can watch this with her for the first time (chills, just typing that!), but for now I will make everyone that I know watch it so that we can talk about it. And when Frijobabe is big enough, you know that we will be watching this and talking about female protagonists…

3. Four Ways the Senate Health Care Bill Would Hurt Women

Regardless of your political slant and background, please take a moment to read over the way that this bill could effect women. If you tend to support Republican legislation because you are Pro Life, please give your attention to the 3rd paragraph. Improved access to long acting contraceptives has dramatically decreased the national abortion rate, and PP is already prohibited from accepting Medicaid reimbursement for providing abortions except in cases of rape or incest.

4. "Woven Together"

Sarah Bessey and her husband Brian share why they have an “Egalitarian” marriage, aka they recognize each other as complete equals in a spiritual sense and reject the idea that the man must be the “head” of the household. When Sarah says, “Marriage within the Kingdom of God is never an exercise of authority. It is always an exercise of laying down your authority.” I want to stand up with all the praise-hands emojis and say YAAAASSSSSS. I have had the privilege of being married to a man who is more of a feminist than I am, and our intentional equality in marriage has breathed so much life into our relationship. Anywho, it’s about a 50-minute listen, and you can a turn it on while you go about your day.

5. What If We Are Teaching Purity All Wrong- a millennial’s take.

For all you Christian gals and guys who survived the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” years, and are looking for a different perspective, or maybe you are a parent who is considering how to talk to your own kiddos about sex, I present the vlog on this page. It’s a 6 minute long commentary on some of the ways that Christian folks talk about sex… I found it valuable and I hope you will too.

There you go, I hope you found something to enjoy in this list. Shoot me a message or comment if you have thoughts to share. Frijobabe woke up in time to help  me to edit and publish this post, so all commas and apostrophes shall be to his credit. ;D



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