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I pick my boogers, therefore I GO

When I was unemployed and still trying to figure out what direction my life supposed to take, I spent a lot of time reading blogs. I don't know why I typed that sentence in past tense. I'm not currently employed within my profession, I will probably always be trying to figure out what direction to take, and I still spend a lot of time reading blogs.

This week I was reading one of my favorite writers, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, when I came across something that was written by Jamie's husband, whom she likes to call "El Chupacabra." This post is called "Therefore GO" and can be read by clicking here. El Chupacabra points out that the verbs "to go" or "to come" appear more often in the Bible than any of the typical Christianese verbs (eg. to love, to pray, to worship etc...). El Chup talks about how our story is a story of movement. God doesn't usually pick a person out of the mass of humanity and then tell them to stay where…

Tijuana, Lice shampoo, and flying by the seat of my zip-off pants

"The best laid plans go oft astray." Was that Shakespeare who said that? (He said so many things, it must have been!) All I know, is that every time I go to Mexico, there is always something that goes differently than we had planned. Sometimes things work out, and other times everything slips away into the wind and chaos reigns.
Let me back up a little bit.
I have a friend who started an organization called One Generation Alliance. OGA is a non-profit organization that exists to support orphanages and orphanage directors in Tijuana. Dave Edmondson (and his lovely wife Shannon and their five children) have invested time, money, and countless thoughts and prayers into exploring the best way to help orphanages succeed in the gigantic task of clothing, sheltering, feeding and providing an emotionally safe place for children in distress. For more information you can visit their website HERE.
About two years ago I visited an orphanage called the Hacienda for the first time with Da…

Pop culture and Peru

Have you ever wondered what an intellectual does to prepare for living 6 months in South America??? She turns to Youtube. 
If you share my obsession with llamas. Here is the video for you... I have to confess that I have both seen a llama and eaten (part of) a llama.

Then, we have one of my favorite movies of all time the Walt Disney Studio's "The Emperor's New Groove," which you can watch because it is supposedly based on Incan culture, has the word Cuzco in it, celebrates llamas and alpacas, and in which a pinata makes a cameo appearance (which is a Mexican tradition, not Peruvian). As Izma would say, "My voice... Is that MY voice????  Oh well."

And then, we turn to Dreamworks motion picture "The Road to El Dorado, " which somehow manages to be slightly more culturally correct than the Emperor's New Groove because it combines Incan and Mayan culture, and depicts the invading Spanish as gold hungry war mongers. The Spaniards WERE obsessed w…