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Go There vs. Stay Here

Some definitions from

“Go there”- Do something drastic
Oh no, don’t make me go there.

“Stay”- To constantly or consistently do something.
I stayed at home on Saturday.
-To live in one place, even if it’s at home with your parents for your whole life.
Where do you stay?

I came across a piece of poetry a few years ago that really stirred something up in me. The poem was called “Ale La” or “Go There” in English. It was originally written in Creole by a Haitian editor and poet named Totongi. At first, I hated the usage of words like “bigwigs, corn and oranges.” But after reading through it a few times, I couldn’t get the phrases out of my head.

Here it is in all of its full and strange glory:

“Ale la”: GO THERE

Go there where you see your heart
Leading you, keeping you from changing
into a dry desert of sorrow
worse than the skin of a drum.
Go there even when you’re discouraged
when you end up as salt meat
in banquets for bigwigs.
You have to go there, my brothers and sisters,
Where th…