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A Dissertation on the Powers of Inertia: Post Nursing School Unemployment

It’s not about what it brings to you, it’s about the attitude you bring to living. That was my cliché statement of the post. It sounds like something that would be in a romantic comedy.
Anyways, life post nursing school and post RN license has been very typical of this statement. Every day, week, month is a choice. Choose to watch TV all day or choose to go out and meet up with a friend. Choose to run a few miles or choose to bake some goodies. Inertia is a real thing. When I am in motion it can sometimes feel frenetic, like staying in motion will somehow give me a greater purpose. Staying at rest is even worse. There is nothing like staying in your pajamas all day for the third day in a row and watching too many Lie to Me episodes. Not that I know that last bit from experience. I am just speaking hypothetically. ;)
No but really, over the last couple of months I think I have actually arrived at a more balanced place than either of these two extremes. I do things with friends. I also do things around the house. I do things that I couldn’t do while I was in nursing school. Things like: creating a compost system, catching up on my writing, and reading , writing letters to people who live far away, taking random trips to Mexico and Peru, journaling, drinking tea, trying to pray more, getting back into rock climbing
These are just a few of the many. It turns out that time is a gift. And right now it’s like my soul is growing. The process of nursing school, with all of its challenges and difficulties, was a pruning process. Now, I am growing back.
Do I want a job? Unequivocally yes. Am I actively looking for a job? About once a week I do some research, look at my resume and sometimes apply somewhere. The other days are full of trying to do well at the things that are in front of me right now. Do I like it when people ask me how the job search is going? Sometimes. It really depends on what kind of day I’m having. Am I grateful for the ups and downs of this time? I like to think that someday I will be.
Until then, I will try to figure out where I fit. I will continue to analyze the things that I am good at, communicate them to prospective employers, and dress up for interviews.
Job searching , it turns out, is a lot like dating.


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